JBC B-iRON Wireless Soldering Station

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ideal for nano/micro soldering under a microscope
including B210 Precision B-iRON
Stand and 7 inch Console
no cartride; choose T210 series

Freedom under control!

With the latest battery improvements and JBC Exclusive Heating System, B·iRON becomes the new generation of the rechargeable soldering iron.

This station includes:

  • B 210 Precision B·iRON Tool, the first tool with all of JBC Soldering Technology and Bluetooth connection. This tool is suitable for precision soldering, designed to perfectly lie in the operator’s hand with minimum weight and is fully compatible with C210 Cartridge Range.
  • Console 7” with B·iRON App to control and configure the soldering tool.
  • B 210S Stand integrates a charger which fully charges the tool while resting in Hibernation Mode preventing oxidation.

The stand includes Quick Cartridge Changer, which enables a safe, easy and quick cartridge exchange, Tip Cleaner with brass wool and antisplash membrane to prevent oxidation between cleaning and rewetting. Additionally, Cartridge Holder allows you to store up to three cartridges.