PEAK Atlas ZEN50 Zener Diode Analyser

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  • Description

Supports most Zeners, Avalanche diodes and reference diodes from 0V up to 50V.

• Great for testing VDRs, TVSs and other types of voltage protection devices.
• Selectable test currents: 2mA, 5mA, 10mA and 15mA.
• Tiny duty cycle of test current to minimise heating of your component even when testing at 50V and 15mA.
• Measures breakdown voltage (0.00V to 50.00V) with a resolution as fine as 20mV.
• Measures slope resistance (up to 1kΩ at 15mA with a 1Ω resolution).
• Single Alkaline AAA battery (included).
• Long battery life and regulated test conditions even when the battery voltage is as low as 1.0V.
• Test voltages are below levels described in the Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.
• Continuous measurement display (updated 3 times per second).
• Measurement "hold" function to hold displayed values even if component is removed.
• Fitted gold plated crocodile (alligator) clips.
• Very comprehensive printed user guide.
• 24 month warranty.

What's included? •ZEN50 instrument.

• Comprehensive printed user guide.
• AAA Alkaline Battery.
• Fitted premium gold plated croc clips.

The Atlas ZEN will test LEDs and LED strings too
If you take great care with connection polarity*, you can test LED strings from just a few volts all the way up to 50V.

In this example shown here, a string of 16 Luxeons (Lumileds) are wired in series to make a 44V string. The Atlas ZEN will happily test the string of LEDs at the selected test current and display both the forward voltage and the slope resistance.

Note however that the current is applied in very narrow pulses, so your LEDs won't be illuminated as brightly as you would obtain for a constant current of the same magnitude.

Please note: If you connect your LEDs the wrong way round, the voltage generated by the ZEN50 will almost certainly kill your LEDs, you have been warned. If you are not 100% confident about the connection polarity, do not use the ZEN50 to test your LEDs.