Latex solder mask

very popular with our customers, because this one does not smell so ugly!


Rover Mask latex, peelable solder mask

quantity discount from 12 and 48 pcs

peelable anti-solder mask,
squeeze bottle 240ml,
dries fast, low smell,
color; pink (easy recognition)

Rover Mask 775 is a premium quality, latex, temporary solder resist suitable for both manual and automatic dispensing. A 10 mil coating of the non-running, thrixotropic (18,000-22,000 C.P.S.) jell dries in 3 hours at room temperature or 1 hour at 160 F. (71 C.). Once cured, Rover Mask™ 775 will not lift or separate during soldering. It is exceptionally cohesive, generally peeling off in one piece, thereby simplifying removal. Once cured, bio-degradable, non-toxic Rover Mask™ 775 can be disposed of with other common, solid wastes. It has a shelf life of one year and is suitable for use as a conformal coating.