Dusters and Cleaners

ESD Bucket


bucket made of conductive polypropylene

volume 14 litre,

ext. diameter 400mm, height 500mm

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ESD Hand Brush and Pan set


ESD hand brush and pan set

Made of fully conductive material

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ESD Broom set

new improved model

Conductive broom set

equipped with a long and ergonomic handle

color; black

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ESD Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner


StaticTec ESD Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner,

Capacity; 35 liters

Power; 1.250W @ 120-230V,

Noise; 82dBA

Incl. HEPA filter and set of accessories

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Bags for ESD vacuum cleaner, set of 5

StaticTec Set of 5 Bags for ESD Cleanroom Vacuum Cleaner, 35 liters
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