The V-One ships with everything you need to get started, but as you use the V-One you'll want to pick up some of the following items.


Voltera Nozzles 100 micron

Looking to dispense materials with a lower viscosity?  These are the nozzles for you.  Don't use this with our standard ink or solder paste... that will result in poor performance.

This pack contains 4 extra fine nozzles with an internal diameter of 0.100 mm (4 mil)


Voltera Nozzles 150 micron

If you want to push the resolution limits of the V-One, these dispensing tips will help enable your experimental projects. This pack contains 4 extra fine nozzles with an internal diameter of 0.150 mm (6 mil).


Voltera Nozzles 225 micron

Keep printing with a pack of 4 nozzles (225 micron inner diameter). These dispensing tips come standard with the V-One and are required for accurate deposition of ink and solder paste.


Voltera Burnishing Pads

After your circuit is printed and cured, the silver traces need a quick burnishing step to remove organic matter. The burnishing pad contains micro­pores that can remove even the smallest contaminants. Just give the board a scrub and watch the traces turn silver.


Voltera Hello World Component Kit

The Hello World circuit is the first circuit you print with your V-One. Have more than one person using your V-One? Then you might want more Hello World kits!

The Hello World kit contains:
6 x Green LEDs
3 x 47k Resistors
3 x 180R Resistors
3 x 100k Resistors
3 x 4.7UF Capacitor
1 x 555 timer
1 x 9V battery


Voltera Empty Clear Cartridge Pack

Get creative and dispense your own fluids with this pack of cartridges.
The pack includes: 
4 – 5cc Syringe Barrels
4 – Pistons 
4 – Tip Caps 
4 – End Caps 
2 – Female to Female Luer couplers


Voltera Empty UV-Blocking Cartridge Pack

Need to dispense your own UV sensitive fluids (up to 550nm)? 
The pack includes:
4 – 5cc UV-Blocking Syringe Barrels
4 – Pistons
4 – Tip Caps
4 – End Caps
2 – Female to Female Luer couplers


Voltera Thumbscrews

Pack of 4 thumbscrews attach board clamps to the V­-One printing platform and ensure your board is securely mounted. Be sure to get them here should you need replacements.


Voltera Reference Rulers

A handy reference for any PCB designer that reminds you of all those standard package and trace sizes. We know there are too many to remember!


Voltera PCB Clamps, set of 2

V­-One custom board clamps are required to mount your board onto the printing platform. Both Voltera provided printing substrates and pre­fabricated circuit boards can be mounted using our board clamps.
Set of 2