Smartphone repair tools

We offer you a complete line of tools for smartphone and tablet repair.

Including the Pentalobe tools for iPhone and iPad products.

Jakemy I83 Smartphones repair start set

all you need to get started; including unique "how to do" guide book all common repairs are described step by step

Jakemy 8121 Smartphones screwdrivers set 5pcs

Jakemy P05 Smartphones screwdrivers set 15pcs

Jakemy OP06 LCD opening tool with rolling wheel

Jakemy OP07 3pcs Metal Spudger Set

Jakemy OP08 LCD opening tool

Jakemy OP09 LCD Glue Melting Bag

Jakemy OP10 Tablet LCD opening tool

Jakemy OP13 Antistatic Metal Mini Crowbar

Jakemy OP14 Smartphone opening tools set

Jakemy X2 Magnetizing/ de-magnetizing tool

Jakemy X4 Magnetic wristband