BGA/SMT Rework Systems

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ZX-X5V BGA Rework System with Fine Placement System

- Special model with Split-Vision system:
  alignment of component and pcb
  by usage of a split mirror and micro adjustment
- Touch screen interface, PLC control;
- 99 profiles capacity, user friendly software
- 3 fans for rapid cooling after reflow
- complete set of nozzles included
- including pcb supports for small and large pcbs
- vacuum pen included for component handling


 PCB Size  Max L500xW300mm
 Placement accuracy  0,01mm
 PCB Thickness  0.1-5mm
 Temperature Control  K thermocouple PID Closed loop
 Main heaters  Hot air  800W top + 800W bottom
 Bottom preheater  Infrared  4x600W = 2400W
 Power supply  220V,50/60Hz,4.0KVA
 Dimension  L580xW830xH960mm
 Weight  115kgs