Soldering system

Combine the soldering system with the desolder gun or the SMT tweezers and you have a through-hole or SMT rework system

Thermaltronics 9000S-2 Soldering Station

a cost saving alternative to the Metcal® systems
with savings from 30 to even 50%

Thermaltronics DS-KIT-1 Desoldering Kit

Thermaltronics TZ-KIT-1 Hot Tweezers Kit

Thermaltronics SHH-1 Solder Iron Stand

Thermaltronics SHP-1 Solder Hand Piece

Thermaltronics AF-KIT-1 Auto Solder Feeder

Thermaltronics AF-KIT auto solder feeder kit provides for single handed operation during soldering applications. The kit is provided as an accessory to existing Thermaltronics hand soldering tools.
  • Adjustable speed, feed length
  • Adjustable feed retraction
  • Use of step motor allows precision control
  • Increases efficiency