Tape Dispensers

  • professional dispensers
  • many applications
  • at affordable prices

ESD Safe Tape Dispenser

For only

For Kapton/Polyimide tape;

  • max. width = 1 x 28 mm roll
  • sizes; 225Lx63Wx95Hmm
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Low-Cost Tape Dispenser

For Only

For Kapton/polyimide tape;

  • max. width = 3 x 25 mm rolls
  • sizes; 220Lx135Wx95Hmm
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DispensTec M1000

For Only

From our private label DispensTec, the M1000 programmable tape dispenser;

With a push on the start button, the dispenser cuts the desired pieces of tape as you have programmed. Burr-free and at the programmed, desired length. Ideal in combination with our Kapton tapes, for example masking pcb's before wave soldering. After picking-up a piece, registered by the sensor, it immediately cuts the next piece.

Digital display
Manual or 1 programmable setting.
Width tape; 7-50 mm
Adjustable length; 20mm - 10mtrs

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DispensTec Z-CUT2

For Only

Our own brand DispensTec, the Z-CUT2 carousel tape dispenser;

Press a button on the dish and the dispenser cuts off 4-6 pieces of tape automatically. Burr-free and the desired preset length. Ideal in combination with our Kapton tapes, e.g. for masking PCB's for soldering.

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