Manual Stencil Printers

We offer you the largest selection of manually operated SMT stencil printers.

Neoden low cost versions from China and Spidé accurate systems, "made in Hollland".

Spidé manual squeegee 270mm

Neoden FP2636F for framed stencils

Neoden FP2636 for single stencils

Spidé SD240 basic SMT stencil printer

  • dimensions 370x240x110mm
  • max stencil 190x270mm
  • max pcb 180x240mm

Spidé SD300 basic SMT stencil printer

  • dimensions 520x280x95mm
  • max stencil 230x340mm
  • max pcb 220x320mm

Spidé SD360U fine pitch SMT stencil printer

  • suitable for fine pitch and ultra fine pitch
  • fully micrometer adjustable
  • vertical stencil lift
  • dimensions 600x380x125mm
  • max stencil 270x380mm
  • max pcb 255x355mm