Floor Mats on Roll


StaticTec ESD floor matting

Complete assortment for do it yourself ESD flooring, for a complete floor or only a certain area.

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Floor mat for complete area installation (with glue)
- It is required a perfect, smooth permanently dry and sound subfloor.
- Never use conductive primers, since they reduce the subfloor's absorbency.
- Rubber mats should be dry laid first to reach the floor temperature (acclimatise)
- Create a copper grid, and connect it to the ground.
- Use conductive adhesive to apply the rubber mat. Water dispersion adhesive type ECO V4, easy to apply, is mostly used on absorbent and moisturestable subfloors.
- Detailed installation procedures available on demand.

Resistance to ground: < 10^6 to 10^7 Ω

ESD Floor Mat Kit Base 120x150

Floor Mat on Roll - Light Grey

Conductive glue for ESD mats

Copper Tape

Floor Marking Tape

Antistatic Mat & Table Top Cleaner, spray 500ml