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Panavise 358 Wire Manager

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A handy time save that keeps your leads and tools organized!

This holder is a practical time saver designed exclusively for the PV350 Base with Wide Opening Head.

It neatly separates and holds wire leads or solder right at your fingertips.

Can easily be mounted on the stem of the PV350.


Panavise 343 Nylon Jaws (Set)

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Excellent electrical insulation!

These nylon jaws offer excellent electrical insulation and gentle holding power.

Made of type 66 nylon, they will withstand intermittent heat up to 149°C or a continuous 93°C.


Panavise 346 Deluxe Neoprene Jaw Pads (Set)

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Gentle pads with plenty of holding power!

These thick, moulded pads have a corrugated surface to firmly hold the most delicate items.

Turn the pads over and use the wide "V" to hold round objects.


Panavise 352 Teflon High Heat Jaws (Set)

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The name says it all!

These heat-resistant Teflon jaws are specifically designed for high-temperature environments and do not mar or scratch.

They have an 840°F (499°C) intermittent heat rating and a 500°F (260°C) continuous heat rating.