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Panavise 201 Jr. Mini Vise

10% discount from 4 pieces
The AMAZING Mini-Vise!

Popular, compact and precise. This tool "tilts, turns and rotates". The grooved jaws have a max. opening of 74mm (2 7/8") and consist of a fibre-reinforced thermal composite alloy.

The jaws are controlled with a fine/coarse adjusting knob which is ideal for very delicate operations. The head moves through three planes : 360° rotation, 360° swivel and 210° pivot and is controlled with a single knob.


  • height: 173mm
  • weight: 0.6kg

Panavise 381 Vacuum Base

10% discount from 4 pieces
The world's most PORTABLE work holding tool!

Provides all of the "tilt, turn and rotate" versatility of the PV301 Standard Panavise with portability as an extra trump card.

A half-turn of the mount lever attaches or releases the powerful suction pad and makes for a rapid setup in a variety of locations (for use on smooth, non-porous surfaces only).


  • height: 157mm
  • weight: 1.3kg