Base Board Repair


Base Board Repair Kit CT-201-3110


Most types of damage to base board material can be repaired with this versatile repair kit. There are sections of FR4 to replace damaged board corners, edges and holes. The edge sections have a specially machined tongue along one edge to fit within a groove cut into the board edge. The kit includes epoxies, color agents, and dispensing cartridges.

Epoxy Kit CT-115-1322


This kit contains 10 packages of clear, low viscosity, superior strength epoxy, precisely measured out into two-compartment plastic packages so it’s easy to use and there’s no measuring.

Once cured, this epoxy makes an effective electrical insulator with good high temperature mechanical and impact resistance properties. The epoxy can be used to fill in holes, gaps, burns or to inject into delaminated locations. The kit also contains mixing sticks, mixing cups and foam swabs.

Color Agent, PMS348, Green


single pack

Color Agent, PMS358. Lt Green

Light Green

single pack

Color Agent, PMS376, Med Green

Medium Green

single pack

CT-Epoxy CT-115-3302

2-component mix-pack