Piergiacomi DPA100

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DPA100 is a semi-automatic depaneling system. Using a vertical milling cutter this system allows to cut isthmus in any direction, following linear or circular lines. DPA100 functioning is performed by a Personal Computer which manages: PLC which manages machine's digital input and output spindle positioning control system an high resolution USB camera for the self learing of jobs and other activities PC works on Microsoft Windows XP (or higher) using therefore and user friendly interface. DPA100 allows to pass to a new job in a quick and easy thanks to the simple self learning software.

Working area                
400x300x20 mm 
PCB dimensions    400x300 mm 
PCB thickness  from 0.8 to 3.2 mm
X,Y axes controls linear interpolation with step motor    
Maximum speed    200 mm/s  for each axis  
Working speed   50 mm/s 
Maximum cutting effort   50 N 
Positioning precision   0.1 mm 
Repeatability  0.030 mm 
Milling diameter   from 1 to 3 mm 
Spindle speed   5.000-20.0000rpm 
Tool replacement   manual 
Voltage  230 V 
Power consumption   0.6 kW 
Air compressed pressure    0.6 MPa 
Soldered steel structure    
Steel rail    
Polycarbonate protections  
Suction device predisposition  
Air compressed consumption  <5 NL/min 
Noise  <70 db(A) 
Weight  103kg 
Dimensions 800x900x650 cm