Dissipative floor paint

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ELECTROGUARD 30 is a two pack water based epoxy coating which can be simply applied to existing concrete floors without the need for specialist flooring contractors.
It is normally applied with two coats by brush or roller.

Electroguard 30 has an attractive sating gloss finish, easy to clean and is available in grey colour.

Yield: aprox. 8/litre
Surface resistivity: 10^9 Ω
Resistance to ground: 10^9 Ω
Conforms to EN 100015-1

7805.854: ELECTROGUARD 30 medium gray, 5 litres unit (4 litres base, 1 litre activator)

7805.856: FLOORPOX EPOXY PRIMER for bare concrete floor 12 litre unit (6 litres base + 6 litres activator) - Number of coats: 2 - Yield: approx. 16m²/litre