NeoDen pick & place machines with vision

NeoDen 4- the latest Pick and Place Machine equipped with vision system, automatic PCB transport, 4 placement heads and automatic electric feeders, Developed and released by NeoDen Tech for Europe. This machine provides the best SMT automatic placement solution to customers who want to start automated SMT assembly.

Below are the technical parameters of NeoDen 4:
1.Placement Capacity: 10000CPH (vision off), 5000CPH (vision on)
2.Placement Accuracy: ±0.02mm (Repeatable positioning precision)
3.Applicable Component: minimum 0201,maximum TQFP240,can mount BGA, QFN accurately
4.Applicable PCB size: 310*1500mm
5.Automatic Electric Feeders: maximum 48 sets
6.Power Supply: 220V/160W (Convertible to 110V)
7.Equipment Weight: 80kg
8.External Dimension (L×W×H): 940×740×600mm

Neoden4 on stand

4 placement nozzles

Vision for 0201 and BGA technology

Tape, Stick and Tray Feeders

Neoden4 0201 and 0402 placement

Neoden4 with standard pcb holder

Finally available; the only Chinese p&p machine in EU with CE by TÜV

Neoden4 with pcb conveyor

Finally available; the only Chinese p&p machine in EU with CE by TÜV

expected delivery 1st week of September

Neoden4 Tape Feeder Set 8mm

Neoden4 Tape Feeder Set 12mm

Neoden4 Tape Feeder Set 16mm

Neoden4 Tape Feeder Set 24mm

Neoden4 ceramic nozzle CN030

Neoden4 ceramic nozzle CN040

Neoden4 ceramic nozzle CN065

Neoden4 ceramic nozzle CN100

Neoden4 ceramic nozzle CN140

Neoden4 ceramic nozzle CN220

Neoden4 ceramic nozzle CN400

Neoden4 ceramic nozzle CN750

Neoden4 nozzles set in box