Vise Bases

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Panavise 311 Bench Clamp Base Mount

10% discount from 4 pieces
Clamps to a table, workbench, ladder ... wherever you need it!

Can be attached to the edge of any workbench or table up to 88mm thick.

Four neoprene pads are included and may be used when additional anti-skid capabilities are necessary without excessive tightening of the clamp screw. Using the pads also protects the table surface from damage.

The three included screws enable the user to mount a base on the bench clamp.


  • weight: 1kg

Panavise 312 Tray Base Mount

10% discount from 4 pieces
Neatly organizes your small parts and tools!

Very stable working platform, portable and made of aluminium. Six individual trays can hold small parts and tools.

The mount is 218mm in diameter and comes with six non-marring anti-skid neoprene base pads.

Three drilled and tapped ¼-20 holes on the outer lip are provided for mounting accessories.


  • weight: 0.8kg

Panavise 308 Weighted Base Mount

10% discount from 4 pieces
Add portability and stability to your vise!

This husky, cast iron Base Mount features two wings for extra stability.

Compatible with the 201 PV Jr. Vise and 300 & 305 Bases

Includes four non-marring, anti-skid pads

Two 1/4-20 holes are drilled and tapped on the side extensions for mounting accessories such as the 371 Solder Station

Overall dimensions: 174.6mm deep x 190.5mm wide

Height (with pads): 30.2mm,

  • Weight: 2.3kg