Silent Compressors


Bambi BB50D silent compressor

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whisper quiet

Most quiet on the market!

Capacity; 100 L/min.
Max. pressure; 8 Bar/120 psi
Tank contents; 50 Liters
Weight; 46 Kg
Dimensions; 55H x 88L x 29W cm
Sound; 42 dB(A)!`

Incl. BPB0157 wheels kit

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Bambi Particle Filter

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This filter removes possible moisture and oil particles from the air.

Prevents damage on your expensive equipment from moisture and oil.

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Bambi Compressor Oil

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Bambi compressor oil; Special odour free compressor oil. Squeeze bottle 1 litre with spout We suggest only the official Bambi oil for an optimal lifetime.
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