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Voltera V-One

Voltera V-One PCB printer


The one and only REALLY rapid prototyping tool for pcb's

PRINT your pcb design directly onto your substrate!

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Voltera V-One Drill Head Kit

special introduction price until March 31st!!
special introduction price until March 31st!!

Creating double sided boards just got easier! Use this drilling attachment to make vias and through holes; then connect the top and bottom layers with rivets.

The drill mounts on the V-One just like the probe or dispenser but is externally powered. The operation is automated and surprisingly quiet. Just be sure to wear the safety glasses provided!

The attachment includes the following accessories:

  • 1 Drill bit set
  • 200 0.4mm Rivets
  • 200 1.0mm Rivets
  • 2 Rivet tools
  • 1 Sacrificial Layer
  • 10 2"x3" Substrates
  • 6 3"x4" Substrates
  • 1 Set of safety glasses

NeoDen pick & place machines


Votre premier choix entièrement automatique et le lieu machine!

Complet avec tous les accessoires.

Surtout pour la garantie de la CE de l'UE et deux années.

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Strip Feeder Tray


At the same size of the well known JEDEC trays, we now offer a system that supports small pieces of SMT tapes

This increases your range of components on your p&p machine and also allows you to apply smaller quantities

Now you can say; "yes we can" to your customer!

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Systèmes de soudure JBC CD-BE et CD-SE

met tijdelijke actiekorting / op = op
  • ensemble complet dont deux à souder
  • Dans les 5 secondes Température de fonctionnement
  • 50-100 degrés de température inférieure à souder
  • 5 x la durée de vie de la pointe

de nouveaux modèles avec la nouvelle pointe de nettoyage

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ESD Safety Shoes


A new line of very modern and fashionable ESD safety shoes!

Very lightweight, comfortable and durable.

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JBC T245-A soldering iron


This soldering iron handle for general purposes features a soft foam grip which provides thermal insulation.

It is perfect for both SMD components and for jobs with high power requirements (e.g. ground plane soldering).

This version is also suitable for the SMT series tips!

Spidé SMT Stencil Printers


A new line of Stencil Printers for SMT Prototyping and small series assembly

Suitable for single and double sided pcb's and for every application or budget

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Spidé HA06 SMT Benchtop Reflow Oven for prototyping


New in our line is the HA06 benchtop reflow oven for prototyping environment

Large in capacity, but small in price!

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ESD and Soldering Training

We have developped a 1 full day training in Basic ESD and Soldering Technology.

A very practical approach makes attendants recognize their daily situations.

Changes operators into enthousiastic professionals.

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New line of ESD dispensing bottles

We now offer you a complete line of affordable ESD dispensing bottles

Direct available in dissipative blue,

For fluxes, alcohols, cleaners, water, etc.

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Smartphone en tablet repair tools

new line of tools for iPhone and iPad

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Veste polaire ESD

Veste polaire confortable ESD de StaticTec

Direct disponible en deux couleurs

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porte-outils à portée de main PIERGIACOMI

nouvelle; soutient et maniable avec des outils et pour votre bobine ou de la soudure fil

StaticTec ensembles de tapis ESD

économiques, tapis sûrs ESD sets de table et le sol, l'équipement au sol, livrés sur stock